Walk Like a Man: Pros and Cons of Masculine Behavior



Most men like to establish dominance in the process of interaction with other men and, especially, women. Some say that such is the men’s nature that a man always conflicts and looks for ways to apply power. A typical masculine behaviour is not fashionable any longer. However, men all over the world still act like men in many ways. Considering the emancipation of women, one should notice that men truly became more tolerant while women obtained some of men’s features and qualities defending their equality.


There are certain benefits of even the most straight-forward masculine behaviour that is natural for many men. It has its advantages that can be quite practical and fairly effective in certain life situations.


Real men are confident about what they do. Indecisiveness does not suit a man. Confidence is definitely among the most important qualities of a man. This features attract women and is a genuinely honourable character trait to have.


The so-called macho machos and men who enjoy acting like alpha-males are generally very enthusiastic. They have passion to express themselves fully. They’re also very energetic and dynamical because they are driven by their thirst for excitement.


Alpha-males and men that like to establish dominance are often very competitive. They like to accomplish things and express their superiority. Thus. They often challenge themselves and others making big achievements (primarily to impress women) which is good.

Male-Male Friendship

Alpha-males and men who demonstrate masculine behavior make good friends. Men value the allies and honor the rivals in other men respecting the existing connection between men. Often men respect the authority only of those who are equal to them or stronger.


Unfortunately, alpha-males do not always act rationally. In many cases a man who tries to show off ends up making a fool of himself. Sometimes being strong, confident, and enthusiastic does not help reach the objectives at hand. Brute force might stand in the way of straight thinking. And, of course, alpha-males typically offend, subject, and discriminate women being emotionally detached and sexually alienated. Therefore, being a real man should come second after being a human that is more important.


Men obsessed with their masculinity are generally egoistic. Their egoism contributes to gender inequality because such men consider women to play a secondary role. Alpha-males subconsciously refuse to acknowledge equal rights of men and women. As such they fail to establish healthy and happy relationships with members of the opposite sex. Modern women do not like patriarchal treatment of their personalities.


Feeling the need to compete with others and constantly conflicting might make some men violent and aggressive. This, in its turn, can bring forth stress, anxiety, and emotional tension. Over-masculine men become ruthless when it comes to achieving their goals. Their character traits are focused on their egos. Due to that many alpha-males act like sociopaths and psychopath lacking sympathy, empathy, compassion, and understanding.


Being over-confident makes many masculine men arrogant because they’d rather die than admit their mistakes. Such men rarely apologize because of their vanity and pride. To get close to and befriend these individuals is complex and troublesome. Finally, acting like that might very probably offend other people and not only women.

International dating websites suggest men to balance between masculine behavior and humbler approach looking for a golden mean. Acting like a man does not always mean to be aggressive, powerful, and egoistic. And it is more important to ne a human being first.