List of Telugu Movies Released Today on 21st April 2017

  1. Dhada Puttistha
    Cast : Vinni Viyan, Neha Deshpande

This Horror movie has been released today which has been the central attraction for fans. Vinni Viyan, Neha Deshpande are leading this film. Neha has played the role of ghost.

Pisachi 2
Cast : Roopesh Shetty, Raghava Uday

3. Black Money (Mohanlal)
Cast : Mohanlal, Amala Paul
Released Date – 21 Apr 2017

Film features Mohan Lal and Amala Paul in this film.

4. Lanka
Cast : Raasi, Sai Ronak
Released Date – 21 Apr 2017

5. Iddari Madhya 18
Cast : Ram Karthik, Bhanu Tripatri

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